Are You Speaking Their Language?

The best way to make sure your drivers understand the training they receive is to speak their language. Our videos can be purchased in English, Spanish, Russian, and Polish. 

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We Know Safety.

Mike Strzok and his team have over 60 years of combined experience, logged over 4 million safe driving miles, and have won 8 state trucking championships. They specialize in helping companies bring their CSA scores into compliance with a focus on truck maintenance and lowering violation and accident rates.

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Don't Get Grounded

A grounded fleet can be disastrous for companies and drivers alike. Fortunately, maintenance violations can be easily caught and fixed with regular pre and post trip inspections performed by properly trained drivers. 

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We Have a Proven System

“…total accidents have dropped 18% (45 fewer in one year) during this period and more importantly, the large DOT accidents (death, injury, tow-away) have declined 40% (9 less in one year).”

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Be Safe

We create training materials to cater to the diversity of drivers on the roads today. Keep them, and others on the road, safe by providing proper pre-trip inspection training in their native languages.

Be Professional

What’s more professional than a clean safety record? Show your clients you can be trusted to keep their freight safe and on schedule thanks to your properly trained drivers and well checked equipment. 

Save Money

Don’t let improperly checked and maintained equipment cost you and your company. Our videos help train your drivers, in their native languages, so you know they properly understand the procedures.

Satisfied Clients

Mike Strzok and James Depouw have over 60 years of combined experience, logged over 4 million safe driving miles, and have won 8 state trucking championships. Operating as D.S. Safety Inc, they travel the United States conducting defensive driving and truck inspection classes, and help companies and drivers maintain high safety standards. Here's what just a few of their clients have to say:

David, Stoneway Roofing Supply

“…The instructor for the class was Mike Strzok. One word: Amazing. I have sat in classes at Texas A&M where I received a ton of knowledge. This gentleman had the entire class on the edge of their seat! This is a great program and should be done every year!”

Ron, ProBuild

“…I’d say without a doubt this is the best driver training I’ve participated in, ever in my career. Mike relays a clear message and can back up anything he talks about with real life examples that our drivers can relate to. Every person that attended the training came to me after and thanked me for putting it together.”

Russ, Roofline Supply

“…I wanted to take quick minute to let you know how much we appreciate having you both come and spend a couple days with us at our Salt Lake City Utah location to further our training knowledge/procedures for our Salt Lake City and Provo branch teams. 

You did an outstanding job with our team! Our drivers and leadership team are intensely mindful of the importance of the instruction and appreciate the manner in which it was delivered and hope you appreciate the attitude in which it was received.”

Jeff, Optima Associates, Inc.

“…I want to tell you how much I’ve appreciated your program and most of all the professionalism and credibility you offer to my clients.

For this particular client, total accidents have dropped 18% (45 fewer in one year) during this period and more importantly, the large DOT accidents (death, injury, tow-away) have declined 40% (9 less in one year).  Drivers are proud of their accomplishments, managers are more motivated to actively engage, and finally risks are noticeably less because of your program. You both are responsible for a huge part of this improvement. No doubt there are people alive today because of your work.”

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